Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Art in the Anacostia River

Flowing with the theme of the Anacostia River, the Honfleur Gallery, ARCH Training Center and Vivid Solutions are currently showcasing, "Greetings from Anacostia" a collection of art and images of life in Historic Anacostia.

Local Anacostia celebrities such as BK Adams display curious pieces of driftwood and self representation while other young newbies like James Holliday hang their views of the Anacostia along the hallways of the ARCH Training and Development Center.

The exhibit is a pleasant deviation from the typical abstract art and gives much needed attention to the past, present and future health of the Anacostia River. Honfleur Gallery would fair well by showcasing more diversity in the arts and staging a panel or talk to introduce the artists to the community.

Overall, this is a great chance to catch classic images and hidden gems of Anacostia. Drop by and be sure to check out the colorfully amazing Mami Wata Exhibit by Bruce McNeil on the second floor of the Honfleur on 1241 Good Hope Road SE!

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