Saturday, June 12, 2010

"What's Going On" at Marvin Gaye Park? (NE DC)

While some of us are busy wolfing down corner-store carry out, there is a health revolution happening East of the River! Every single day, I get news and info about a health event, activity or initiative for residents along the Anacostia River.

The Marvin Gaye Park (NE) is ground zero for change. The Assistant Park Director, Autumn Saxton Ross recently sent out an emotional demand for everyone to support our local efforts to make a healthier lifestyle more accessible to all!

Riverside Farmer's Market needs your help!
By "Autumn Saxton-Ross"

My hope is that this messages stirs up the same fervor that I see in discussions about Ray's The Steaks and restaurants installing bullet proof glass...

Washington Parks and People have been working in Marvin Gaye Park for a while now. In little over a year as the assistant director at the Riverside Center, I have seen great strides not only in the physical appearance of the park, but in the surrounding community.

There have been millions of dollars spent in three different major areas of the park, a new playground installed, a 24 air compressor and start of a youth bike repair shop, youth and 6D lead bike rides, and over night camping (co sponsored by the Boys and Girls Scouts, 6D and ANC7C), which by the way, was the first camping event ever staged in the park.

As these programs have grown, I have also witness a change in some of the youth that frequent the center and park. I have young men with the skills to do basic bike repair, and witness them working together to fix young siblings bikes, kids and police officers working together to pitch tents,and kids ask for peaches, apples and tomatoes instead of candy and chips...

Every Saturday from 11 to 3 pm, Riverside/MGP has a Farmer's Market, which accepts and EBT/WIC Vouchers. This is our commitment to increasing healthy food options in the Ward. We NEED your support! Although our market is small, we are committed to learning and growing and cannot do this without you.

Our produce is supplied by Red Truck Farms (a woman born and raised in DC.. East of the River) according to seasons and is local produce with a mixture of organic and conventional fruits and veggiesan and our market manager lives in the Watts Branch Community she serves,

We cannot grow without the continued support of the community, so blog, talk and come on out and visit.

Autumn Saxton-Ross, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Health in Parks
Washington Parks & People

Riverside Center
One Marvin Gaye Way
(5200 Foote Street, NE)
Washington, DC 20019
(202) 398-PARK

Josephine Butler Parks Center
2437 15th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 462-7275
(202) 234-3342 (fax)

A Rock, A River, A Tree... A Park For All People!

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