Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yoga Review: Get on the "Maat" at Spirit Wellness and Fitness

After enjoying the views of the Anacostia River from the treadmill at Spirit Anacostia Health and Wellness on MLK SE, I popped into an excellent yoga class with Dehejia Maat, yogini, creator and artist.

Dehejia's yoga style is very inviting and calming. She managed to teach a class for everyone ranging from a recovering stroke patient all the way to a former basketball player and first-time yogi. The class was a great way to stretch out my aching hamstrings while building enough bodyheat to keep me challenged.

The best part is that Deheija's class felt like a real yoga class, not just a place where people do stunts and make serious faces. She taught us some great breathing techniques to relieve stress and shared her personal journey with maintaining a balanced life.

Deheija's Saturday Morning Movement Yoga Class will definitely become a part of my regular yoga circuit.

Check her out!

Yoga with Dehejia Maat
This class is now taught by Amber Robles Gordon at

Date:Every Saturday
Location: Spirit Wellness
Time: 10-11am


ajgallion said...

I am really trying to get into this "breathing" thing. I must confess the breathing that is so recommended for stress and anxiety relief (along with yoga) is stuck in superficial mode. Any good resources on expolring down-to-earth literature on yoga?

Dehejia Maat said...

Check out The Yoga handbook by Noa Belling, its my yoga bible