Friday, February 5, 2010

The Flying Yogi

Lately, I have been travelling alot and that means an abundance of salty airport food, poor air quality, bad sleep patterns and the general wear and tear of living in a terminal.

So I developed some key travel health tips for people like me who don't want to break a healthy living pattern:

1) Drink er Down... Water is the most important part of travelling. You get dehydrated from the artificial heat and cooling inside the airplane. Plus your, ehem, movements aren't as regular as when you are at home. So drinking lots of water before you fly in between layovers and after you come is great way to keep things, ehem, moving.

2) Nuts and Bolts- Nuts are the only healthy staple in just about every single airport shop. Nuts have protein, they are easy to smuggle through security and can quickly satisfy a hunger fix giving you a bolt of energy.

3)Stretch Your Limits - When we travel, we do get some exercise by lugging around baggage or chasing our connecting flights. We can easily forget to work our muscles losing sight of our yoga or fitness practice.

4)Net Benefits - If you have a laptop, ipod or any device that connects to the Wonderful World Web, you can download yoga podcasts, pilates, calisthenics, even P90x. Do these in your hotel room or even in the airport waiting area! My favorite podcasts are with Faith Hunter. You can also explore Yogi Chocolate on for other great online classes.

5)Relax- Travelling can be stressful with all the mayhem with security, delays, work, family, small seats... you name it. Just enjoy the ride and keep in mind, you will be back home to your regularly scheduled healthy programming.

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