Friday, January 22, 2010

Yoga Vacation without the Yoga?

Picture by Valencia James

One of my new year's resolution is to be and not do. I told myself all I am required to do in 2010 is to learn, live and enjoy. My recent vacation to Costa Rica reminded me of the rewards and risks of pushing my personal boundaries.

I went to Costa Rica with only two requirements- to surf and to do yoga. My goal was to go sit in a yoga hut, eat mangoes and stare at the trees. Well, I ended up eating a lot of rice & beans, drinking the local liquor and surfing on the beach. My asana practice lasted all of 3 minutes with a 30 second meditation! But somehow I still managed to channel ultimate relaxation. Whether it was surfing on the Afro-Caribbean coast and staring at the globe of stars surrounding me or relaxing in the volcanic hot springs, both brought out all of the most basic ingredients for my personal peace.

I felt so far removed from my daily grind. I couldn't even articulate an answer to the question "What do you do?". Whenever someone asked me, I said "I love, my job is to love. I work on loving people."

Costa Ricans love to say "Pura Vida" which translated means Pure Life. A raw and pure life is to live free, open, without fear, push boundaries, take risks and filter negative messages. My Yogi peace was in complete balance. For the first time, I felt the difference between doing yoga and being yoga.

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