Saturday, January 2, 2010

Taking Health to New Heights!

First of all, Happy New Decade! I have a strong inclination that this will be the decade for better health and a higher consciousness. The tail end of the 2000's left us with the phenom's like The Secret, the yuppie-drenched yoga revolution, and a hankering for organic, raw foods and gardens in our backyards. Globally, people want to live healthier and more authentic lives.

So in honor of the new decade, I encourage everyone to support the National Council on Negro Women at the NBC4 Fitness Expo on January 16 and 17, 2010 at the Washington Convention Center. Rumor has it the honorable 98 year old social activist Dorothy Height will be there to set things off!

Oddly enough, I will be there doing a line dance with with the Wanda Woman fitness troupe. (Micheal Jackson tribute dance - don't worry it is not Thriller!)

So come out celebrate Dorothy Height's years of service or laugh at me, as I bounce around on stage with about 50 other health activists at the Fitness Expo!

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