Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Winter Solstice!

The Winter Solstice as an amazing time of stillness and light. The poles of the earth are tipping and somehow everything kind of just balances out. It's nice that we have all this wonderful snow to help us collectively celebrate the solstice.

My solstice ritual has been to celebrate with like-minded and like-spirited beautiful yogini sistas. But this year, I am celebrating alone by meditating, giving thanks and honoring the people who came before me and those that will come after.

My Basic Ritual
1. Turn everything off (phone, tv, cell, ipod)
2. Set up a still place in your home (pillows, blanket)
3. Light a candle
4. Read your favorite positive mantra, poem, quote, bible verse etc.
5. Let the Universe know that you respect it's process and embrace stillness
6. Give thanks
7. Sit Still (for as long as you can)

A personal winter solstice celebration is always a warm and cozy activity that makes you feel grateful for the moments to stand still and reflect. Don't sit still too long, because the active birthing energy of spring is right around the corner.

What is your Winter Solstice ritual?

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