Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanks and Giving 2009 Respect to the Anacostia Indians

I want to give thanks to the Native Ancestors who shed blood and gave their hearts for their nation. I found a cool map of all the Native American Tribes across the US and it puts in perspective how much they gave up for us to live in the USA.  Anacostia's name stems from a group of Native peoples who lived near the river. So to them, I also send ancestral thanks.

 I am so thankful for the mandated peace, stillness and togetherness of Thanksgiving. I really enjoy slowing down, a free pass to eat until your heart's delight and family gatherings.  

But after all grubbing and loving is said and done, I am back to work on Friday and right in the gym on Saturday morning. Chevy Chase Washington Sports Club has a fantastic Power Dance, Spin and Pilates Teacher- Tamara on Saturdays at 9am. She makes you sprint to the beat of  Vanity's Nasty Girl or cranks Kanye's Stronger on long hills....

I am thankful for my body and greatful for my family's giving.. so  for now... we eat, tomorrow we exercise.

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