Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Fitness Space- Spirit Anacostia Health and Wellness on 2300 MLK Ave SE

For almost two years, we have been waiting for a mythical gym to open in the Solomon Brown Salvation Army Bldg on MLK Jr Ave. I and some other fellow southeasters watched the mammoth building spring up and just sit there until about 1 month ago when the signs were flipped to open indicating life in the big gray structure.

While there is a workforce area, children's day care and some other stuff, I  parlayed to the one and only thing that mattered to me... the gym! Spirit Fitness, Anacostia Health and  Wellness Center!

The woman who greeted me was very friendly and professional. She gave me tour of the top level gym overlooking the Captiol and the Anacostia River. An outdoor track with spring board action graces the rooftop area.

The studio area is used for private trainings, zumba, pilates and yoga but unfortunately faces Morris Road. Still, their brochures tempt with body wraps, smoothies and even a Spiritual Stretch Class!

The equipment was brand new and they had at least 25 exercise machines. I was impressed and I gave her my card letting her know that I could teach a Power Pilates Class.

So maybe that could be a good place to get the Anacostia health revolution started?

Check it out
2300 MLK SE 
5th Floor

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