Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Dupont Circle or Castro Neighborhood East of the Anacostia?

Today is World AIDS Day. Many of  us in Southeast and beyond know HIV/AIDS hits close to home and  honor many of our residents who are surviving and those have moved on. 

In the wake of World AIDS Day,  DC Council also passed a vote for same sex marriages. Despite the controversy, I wonder how the Southeast DC gay community would be impacted by this vote. How many same sex couples are living in Southeast and could potentially benefit socially, financially and psychologically from this vote? How would this vote generate new ideas, new families, and an activist presence in Southeast? If more leaders in SE were open to the gay community, we could work together and build  a culture of forward thinking and open-minded citizens living East of  the River. 

The Gay southeasters do not have a single place to call home such as in Dupont Circle, Christopher Street or The Castro. Well, I will be the first to  offer up Good Hope Road, Pennsylvania Avenue or Minnesota Avenue. This would in turn bring more diversity and businesses willing to invest in a community that represents flexibility, willingness to change and a welcoming environment for  all families. 

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